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Who knows what egregious mistake Leila has done, but Eric X takes her to the dungeon, rips her clothes off and proceeds with an excellent punishment scene. After restraining her wrists with zip cords, he tears her panties off. After a bit of breast and pussy punishment with her panties in her mouth, Erix X inserts a large dildo on a pole into her mouth, much to her dismay. Applying a large vibrator to her clit as she is made to give head to the dildo creates even more discomfort. After her first orgasm, Eric X collars her, and does a rather remarkable rope tie, binding her toe to her collar. Helplessly and painfully bound, Eric X. gives her a hard double flogging, and then proceeds to insert an electro-stim dildo into her and starts pushing the buttons on the control pad to make her jump and writhe! Just to make sure she is paying attention, he tapes a heart monitor to her, and we can hear her ever-increasing heartbeat as he takes some machinery to her swollen clit and brings her to a second, glorious orgasm.

These hot babes has got some sweet pussies. You see them thru panties or pants they are wearing. That`s right it`s the good ol` camel toe on display and it`s a sweet sight.

“This movie is dedicated to my fans. I personally wanted to create a DVD release with nothing but my scenes and I really wanted to do this for them. I loved making this movie and getting back to what I am best known for,†--Vanessa Blue Highlighting this release are three anal scenes, three group scenes, three solo scenes and one double penetration scene.

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